Analytical Exposition Text Example - Social Media are Bad for Teenagers

Analytical Text Example about Social Media – Social media or social network is one of several phenomena that began to emerge in the early 2000s. Most people who are able to connect to the internet today have social media account to get in touch with others online. However, there are also some bad impacts of social media, especially for teenager. That’s why this topic is often used by students to write an analytical text for their task.

analytical exposition about social media

Teenagers play social media, via

If you are looking for an analytical text about social media for your task, here is an example of analytical text that will be discussing the bad sides of social media for teenagers.

Example of an Analytical Exposition Text about Social Media

Social Media are Bad for Teenagers

Social media or social network websites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus and many others have become one of the inescapable aspects of our modern life, especially for most teenagers. These websites are not just becoming a part of their world, but it’s indeed becoming their world. They spend their time more and more on social media. It happens because most of the teens now have their own smartphone. They can use it to connect to the internet and access social media freely. They are constantly posting and uploading status, pictures, and videos on social media. This hyper-connected habit to social media could lead to some bad effects for them.

Firstly, most teens nowadays stay connected to the internet, accessing social media the whole time. They always check their social media account on the smartphone from the time they wake up in the morning till they back to sleep at night. This “always connected” habit is bad because it could make the risk they are getting bullied higher. These days, bullying doesn’t only happen in schools or on buses, but it also has spread over social media. It means, if a teen is getting bullied in real life, the bully will simply keep doing it online on social media.

Secondly, based on the latest study, teenagers who engage with social media during the night could ruin their sleep pattern and it would lead to a higher risk of anxiety and depression. Teens who always online tended to feel that they have to available online 24 hours. It’s resulting anxiety if they didn’t respond or reply text or post immediately. It showed that teens are so emotionally devoted on social media that a fifth of secondary school students would stay awake at night just to make sure they don’t miss anything on social media.

Lastly, Social media could decrease the real life social interaction because they are being more comfortable with their online friends. A separate study that was conducted by the National Citizen Service also found that most girls seek comfort on social media rather than talking their problem to their parents. The survey also suggested that girls are likely experiencing stress more often than boys about twice in a week.

Social media websites are basically created to connect people around the world easily so they can interact and communicate with each other. However, the excessive use of social media could lead to some bad effects, especially for teenagers. As it has been mentioned above that social media could be a bullying media and make the chance of a teen is getting bullied higher, improve the risk of getting depressed and anxious, and reduce their social interaction in real life. Therefore, it obvious that social media are dangerous for teenagers’ health both emotionally and mentally.

Well, that’s all about the example of analytical exposition about social media that discussing the bad effects of social media for teenagers. If you guys want to learn more about English, relating to text genre, grammar, or vocabulary, you can get more English lessons on the index page of ContohText.

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