Analytical Exposition Text Example - Fast Foods are Unhealthy

Analytical Exposition Text Example – One of the most common persuasive essays for high school student is analytical exposition. There are many topics you can discuss on writing analytical text, for example, fast food. This arguably topic will always be worth to be discussed.

analytical exposition text about fast food

A wide variety of fast foods, photo by Jonathan Colon

Analytical Text Example about Fast Foods are Bad for Health

So, if you are looking for a persuasive essay example for high school students, this example of analytical text about fast food might be helpful for you.

Fast Foods are Unhealthy

Fast food is widely known eating in most populated countries. This almost-instant meal is commonly consumed by urban people who are so busy and don’t have much time to prepare their own meal. They choose it because it doesn’t take so long to be served on the table or taken out. Now, fast food has become part of urban people’s life because it offers a delicious quick-meal at a small price. However, consuming fast food such as hot dog, hamburger, fried chicken, soft drink, and many others frequently may cause several bad impacts on your health.

In many countries, dieticians often emphasize the problem of consuming too many fast foods because they are just empty calories. Fast food is high in calories from unhealthy fat and added sugars but just provide few nutrients in return. The imbalance content from this kind of food may trigger various diseases. Obesity is one of the most possible impacts of consuming fast food too much. Besides, it can also increase the risk of hypertension, heart attack, as well as diabetes.

A recent study that was conducted by The Minnesota School of Public Health has found that eating fast food twice or more within a week may increase the risk to develop diabetes 27% larger and 56% die of heart attack, compared to participants who rarely or never eat fast food. The study also found that the participants who are known for consuming fast food four times or more within a week have a significantly higher risk of death from heart attack to 80%. Western people who love consuming fast food have their insulin hormone high the rest of the day. This case may lead to disruption in the metabolic process and raising the risk of diabetes type 2.

Pregnant women should avoid eating fast food. Eating such food is not only bad for the mother herself but also for the baby. The baby will be so vulnerable to hypertension and diabetes. Moreover, a number of studies in China have found that the rate of breast cancer has risen due to the modern lifestyle in the consumption of fast food.

A study from Adelaide showed that children who consumed fully of fast food had their IQ lower than children who didn’t eat fast food much. Although the difference was subtle, the study proved that children’s diet on consuming fast food at ages of 6 to 24 months gave a small but significant effect on their IQ when they reached 8 years old. In addition, most fast foods have the artificial additives and sweetener to hold their consistency, to give them shelf-life, and also to enhance the flavor. The long-term effects of consuming fast food would make a child become more hyper as well as easily distracted. It would also cause the child, especially for male, tends to do the act of violence.

Fast food is made to meet the need of urban people of quickly served food. However, consuming this delightful meal regularly may bring some bad impacts on health. As we have mentioned, it could trigger various diseases on adult and make children have lower IQ and become more hyper. From the facts above, there’s definitely nothing nutritional about fast food, it simply feeds your hunger and craving.

All right, that’s all about the analytical example about fast food which is discussing the bad sides of such foods. If you want to look for more persuasive essay example for high school such as analytical text and hortatory text, you can find them on the index page of ContohText or just click on the related label.

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