8 Different Ways to Say Beautiful for Person in English

Improving our English vocabulary is one of the most important things in learning English. If you have a large vocabulary, then you won’t find any significant difficulties in describing or saying something in English language. One of the ways to increase your vocabulary is learning the synonyms of a word, which means use different word to deliver the same meaning. In this part, we’re going to learn 8 different words that have the same meaning as beautiful.

different words for beautiful in English

Different ways to say beautiful in English.

Different Words for “Beautiful” for Person

Here are some words that can be used as an alternatives way to say “beautiful” that refers to a person.

1. Good-looking

a good-looking person looks nice or pleasant to look at. It is very common in daily spoken English.


  • John is a good-looking guy, but he is a bit boring.
  • Do you know Andri, the new guy in this office? I think he is a good-looking guy.
  • Do you think Santi is good-looking?
  • Diana came to my wedding party with a very good-looking man.

2. Attractive

an attractive person looks nice, especially in a way that makes you feel interested in their personality.


  • Bella is one of the most attractive girls in my school.
  • Most of my friends find her attractive.
  • Vino is a very attractive pop star.

Attractive vs. Good-looking?

If you want to describe somebody as attractive, you often mean that they have both a pleasant personality and physical appearance. Meanwhile, good-looking is only used to describe somebody’s physical appearance.

3. Pretty

a pretty girl or woman looks nice. You can use it, especially when you’re talking about a woman who has a nice face.


  • Oh my God, you look pretty with that new haircut.
  • Ayunda has got a very pretty face like her mother.
  • You see the pretty girl over there, she is my classmate.

Pretty is commonly used to talk about girls. When you use it to talk about a woman, it usually indicates that the woman is like a girl, with small and delicate features.

4. Handsome

a handsome boy or man looks nice. It is used especially when we are talking about a boy or a man who has a nice face. Sometimes it is used, especially in literature, to describe a woman who has a good-looking and strong face rather than small delicate one.


  • Andy is a tall and handsome boy.
  • Henry is the most handsome man I’ve ever met; he is just perfect to me.
  • Yuna is a big and handsome woman.

5. Gorgeous

a person who is extremely attractive. Gorgeous is used especially by women and it’s normally used in spoken English.


  • She thinks Anthony is gorgeous.
  • Your new flatmate is absolutely gorgeous!

6. Stunning

extremely attractive or impressive. Stunning is commonly used in spoken English.


  • Elisa looked absolutely stunning in her luxurious dress that everyone stared at her.
  • Hi Yuki, you look really stunning in that dress!
  • Did you saw Emily this morning? She was really stunning in her new style.

7. Cute

nice to look at. It is often used to describe about animals, babies, children, and young adults in spoken English.

  • Look at this cute little puppy. It’s my new pet from my father.
  • I think Dona has crush on you because she thinks you’re cute.

8. Lovely

this word is used when you are saying that someone looks very nice or attractive. It is commonly used in spoken British English.


  • You look lovely tonight.
  • Sarah looked so lovely in her blue dress last night.
  • Doni was a lovely little boy.

When you say somebody is lovely, you are usually showing that you have strong a feeling of affection for them.

That is all about the 8 different words for beautiful in English that might help you in improving your current English vocabulary. You can also find another useful English lesson on this site by visiting ContohText’s table of contents.

References: Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition © Oxford University Press, 2015 and Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Ennglish

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